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Potty multitasking

I was midway through a big potty training update post, with Stella on my lap when somehow she managed to erase it. Damn. So, the short version is that potty training is going very well and Amy has amazed me with her ability to manage her toilet needs after such a long struggle! Here she is multitasking on the potty, DOING A POO whilst playing a tune and watching tv!

Amy wears pants from the moment she gets up in the morning, until we change her into a nappy after her evening bath before bedtime. She uses the toilet with no training seat and can happily climb up, do a wee, wipe, flush and wash her hands, all unsupervised. In fact she prefers a little privacy when she is in the bathroom! We still use the potty occasionally, especially for those illusive poos, but I feel confident she is ready to poo on the toilet. I am still using a daily medication to help soften her poo but I am hoping we have turned a corner.

I can’t express the relief I feel. Right, have to run, Stella is rebelling!

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