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The Super Whites
Sunday at the park

Rather than flop around on the couch on Sunday, feeling sorry for myself for not getting enough sleep, I decided to summon the energy to muster the troops and head out to the park. We decided to go to Sydney Olympic park which probably wasn’t the best idea as it was heaving. However we persevered and had a lovely few hours. Stella slept in the pram, I sat in a folding chair drinking coffee and reading the papers and Ron followed Amy round lap after lap on her little pedal bike. Everyone was happy until she fell over running to the slide and skinned her knee, poor girl. Then Daddy had to carry her everywhere so our relaxing stroll to the water to feed the fishies turned into a work out! I am amazing myself by actually looking forward to the warmer weather so we can get to the beach and enjoy all that fabulous outdoor living that Sydney has to offer!

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