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My girls – a comparison

My girls, so cute. I am still working on Stella’s four month update. Its taking ages as I haven’t edited any photos in a while so I am working through Augusts. And of course I am tired, very tired, tired all the time. Tired of talking about being tired. People warned me having two children at home fulltime would be hard work but no one really knew just how much hard work as I don’t know anyone who has their kids fulltime with no respite. Don’t get me wrong, its not that I am moaning as such but I don’t have a single hour during the week to myself, except at night and thats when I should be sleeping. Sigh. Even 45 minutes for Amy’s dance class is spent with the other parents outside, talking about how tired we are. That is when Amy actually goes into the class which she didn’t last week. Oh well. Enough whinging, off to enjoy a beautiful chicken risotto as cooked by my beloved.

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