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Sleep training

My sweet baby, you and I need to have a chat. On Tuesday night I was up and down from my bed like a yo-yo. I fed you at 10.30 and you went back to sleep just after 11pm. Then you woke up at 12.50 so I went in and gave you your dummy and you went back to sleep. At 1.25am your sister woke me up for no good reason. At 2.50am you cried out and so I went in and stuck your dummy back in, hoping you would go back to sleep until later. It wasn’t to be so. I fed you at 3.30am and we both fell asleep. At 4.10 I woke up startled and found you asleep besides me. I counted the hours I still had left to sleep if everyone in the house stayed asleep. It wasn’t enough. I put you back into your cot and slept until your sister woke me again at 6.30am. This time it was your Daddy’s turn to get your sister up so I could sleep a little longer. Unfortunately you didn’t get this memo and woke up at 7.30. Sigh. I needed a lot of coffee to get through the day. I also felt sorry for 5 because it was the only number I didn’t see on the clock when I woke through the night.

I am not sure what could be causing you to wake up so frequently. You appear genuinely hungry when I bring you into bed with me, gulping noisily as though it was days since your last feed, not mere hours. I could attribute this toa growth spurt, or blame the four-month-sleep-regression, or even consider teeth as a problem, we think you are going to be an early teether, like your sister. Or I could just smile to myself and sigh, knowing what I do now. That babies do exactly what they want to, when they want to and on their own schedule.
That said your Daddy and I are going to do a little sleep training this weekend, starting tomorrow night. Friday night means we can all sleep in on Saturday if it all goes wrong and somehow everything seems better on a weekend morning. We did a little sleep training with your sister around the same age. She liked it just as little as you are going to. Instead of a cuddle and a warm breast, if you wake between the hours of 11pm and 6.30am you are going to be offered a bottle of cool water from your Daddy. Trust me, its in your best interests to keep sleeping. I know you can go that long without breast because you have done it before.
Ok my gorgeous girl? I promise that I will spend all weekend loving you and cuddling you and feeding you during the day if you can just give me more than a few hours sleep at night. Can we come to an agreement? Love you little one. x Mummy and Daddy
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