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What we did today

This morning was such a beautiful Sydney winter morning that we decided to decamp onto the deck. Amy was busy painting while Stella enjoyed the view and I prepared morning tea. (Cruskits with cream cheese, tomato, avo and ham and a side of sliced apple) While changing Amy this morning she decided to wear pants. Its funny, delayed toilet training has thrown up all sorts of other issues, one of which being that my three year old still wants me to dress and undress her. Of course she can take her t-shirt off and pull off her trousers but because every change of clothes ends with a nappy change and a bum wipe, there always has to be an adult involved in dressing.

Although we are still going very gently on anything to do with toilet training, Ron and I are having lots of discussions with Amy about what big girls do and we are trying to encourage her to become more involved in dressing and undressing herself hoping that (as everyone keeps telling us!?!?!) one day it will just click and she will request pants instead of a nappy and then suddenly be toilet trained overnight. Yeah right, whatever and then my three month old will miraculously start sleeping through the night and someone will come along and offer me the perfect job. Um, I don’t think so. Anyway, so we talk a lot about wearing pants and pooing on the loo and yet still I was suprised when I suggested pants instead of a nappy and Amy agreed. It was a moderate success. Between the hours of 9.30am and 12.30pm we had two pairs of wet knickers, one big wee on the potty and one happy-to-sit-on-the-loo-but-didn’t-do-anything episode. Tomorrow is another day.

In other news I finally got around to pruning my roses. From this……………

To this………. will see how they grow back this summer!
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