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Two milestones in one day

These pics don’t really correspond with the title of the blog post but I have such a glut of pics I want to get up here on the blog that I am going ahead anyway. So there.

Stella has now been sleeping unswaddled for both day naps and at night since Sunday 19 July. I got tired of going in to swaddle her in between feeds at night and if she can get a hand free she works it out and into her mouth and then wakes me up with the loud slurping noises. Generally this transition has been fairly smooth but I do sometimes still swaddle her for daytime sleeps if we are all out of whack and she is overtired as her little hands whirl around and around and she will continually blat her dummy out and then find her fingers and slurp, slurp, slurp!

The two milestones in one day refers to last Thursday 30 July when Stella laughed for the first time and then shortly thereafter got stung by a bee for the first time. YES, I KNOW. Its the middle of winter and my new baby GOT STUNG BY A BEE WHILST NAKED ON HER CHANGE TABLE. Excuse me for shouting. It was traumatic. On Thursday I washed Amy’s bedding which has lovely bright coloured flowers all over it. Ron took the sheets off the line and shook them out and brought them inside so we could remake her bed. They were on the change table for a few minutes while we put the duvet cover back on. Later when I was dressing Stella after her bath I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye and suddenly realised it was a bee. I went to swat it but it was on Stella’s leg. I shrieked for Ron because I could see the little stinger in her leg and I needed him to get rid of the bee while I tried to remove the stinger quickly without squishing it. Ron brought me the tweezers from the bedroom and I managed to pull out the sting without squeezing it. I sprayed a little of the stingeze stuff that I use for mosquito bites and then dressed Stella and gave her a feed. She didn’t cry and the sting itself was a tiny red dot, it looked like I had managed to remove the sting without releasing any of the venom but I still felt awful for her.

Stella settled easily that night and I checked on her numerous times before I went to sleep. The next morning the sting had faded to a small dot with no swelling or redness which I suppose is a good thing because we now know she is not allergic to bee stings. We haven’t been able to make her laugh again despite all of our best efforts, I hope she is not scarred for life!
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