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A wildlife post

Weeks ago, in fact nearly a month ago now when my sister came to stay, we took Amy and Stella to the small wildlife park up the road from us. Amy got to pat a koala (they smell funny) and chase chickens and run around. Liv and I got cricked necks from looking up into the trees to find the apparently more than 20 koalas that are allowed to roam free in the area. Did we find any? No.
A koala, Amy, me and my little wombat in my pouch.I have seen koalas close up before but never this close, or this cute. How do they stay up on their perch in trees whilst sleeping? This guy looked like he was going to topple out at any moment!

Liv and Amy had a blast together, as they always do.

And I got some lovely photos, as I always do. *snort*

Aah, sweet. The only person in our both our combined families who has a dimple is my sister. We think Stella takes after her.

Stella enjoyed the animals too. She even had a feed whilst watching the koalas eating.

Beautiful flowers.

Koalas clinging to their branches.

And a peacock, which I am ashamed to say Amy chased into the bushes.

It was a great day out. The End.

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