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Its time for an Amy update – 3 years old

Amy – now you are three and its time to write a little update for posterity’s sake. Your life has changed a great deal over the last few months with the arrival of your baby sister, Stella. Although you are often upset with Mummy, you always tell your sister how much you love her and how precious she is. This makes me feel a little better about the fact that she is more likely to answer to the name ‘gentle’ than she is to her own, its all I seem to say when you are around her. You love grabbing her hands and putting your face right up next to hers. Stella isn’t such a big fan and has become quite sensitive to loud noises!
You are a volatile child which as I understand it, is perfectly age appropriate for a three year old. I was discussing the “terrible twos” and the “trying threes” with a friend who said “never mind those, what about the f**king fours” so I know we have a rollercoaster of a ride ahead of us with you, my girl! Your moods swing between sweetness and light and complete despair and its hard to know what will set you off next. I amaze myself daily with the levels of patience I am able to conjour from nowhere and I wish I had known this kind of serenity in the face of such adversity when I was working a hectic corporate job in the city. Nothing would have phased me then!

Overall you are easy to please. Bribe you with a lolly and you will let me change your clothes, brush your hair and coerce you into the car. Sometimes it takes one lolly and then there are the times when I promise you the whole bag. If you would just PUT YOUR SHOES ON FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING SACRED! You appear to enjoy testing me and now when you start one of your performances and I tell you I am ignoring you until you behave more reasonably, you will pause and watch as I wander off to distract myself and then you will ratch it up a gear. You are the master manipulator and have Daddy just where you like him. He will always buy you another lolly even when he has told you he won’t and Daddy’s “one story only” will always turn into two and sometimes three. You prefer me to tell you Amy Storys instead where I make up a story about what we have done that day or tell you about the adventures we get into with your friend Ben the elf or Holly the fairy. I love that you have such an active imagination and its something we can enjoy together.

You have a delicious sense of humour and will play “oh no I didn’t-oh yes you did” with me in the car which makes us both giggle. You love making me laugh at your jokes and will often accompany a request with a suitably silly face which never fails to make me smile. You are a whirling ball of energy and sometimes hop from one activity to another to another with increasing speed which leaves me feeling worn out and exhausted but I can’t fault your enthusiasm. Your favourite games right now include laying out your train tracks and building a small city from all your little people and farm animals. Then we spend ages racing trains around and making up emergencies and adventures. You can happily amuse yourself for hours playing with a moneybox full of change and you will request I play with you where we take turns being the shopkeeper and the shopper and you are always so polite “hello, how are you, please may I have some lollys?”

Your favourite saying is “I want” and your Daddy and I correct you everytime. “You would like what?” and then there are those times when unprompted you say “please may I have” and we feel relieved that it appears something of what we teach you is actually registering! You can count up to 20 now but continually forget 16, this doesn’t worry us because for a long time you neglected to include 7 when you counted to 10 so we are sure it will come good at some point. You amazed your father and I this week when you actually drew your own name so that it was possible to make out that it said “AMY” neither Ron nor I know how you know this because we haven’t taught you. Maybe Grandma did? You also continue to amaze us with the accuracy of your drawings, round heads with eyes and noses and big smiles and Daddy is always biggest and Stella is always the littlest. You still love to do craft and will sit happily and snip away with your scissors now that I have taught you how to use them. Then you will use great globs of paste to stick these snippings onto board and declare your artwork finished. A new favourite craft is to sit quietly and thread beads onto wool and you have made necklaces and bracelets to wear doing this.

You are a social creature who has many, many “best friends” and you play nicely now with other children of all ages. Spending time with your friend Adam’s baby sister Tahlia has helped you understand that smaller children don’t talk as well, or share very much, or walk or run very well and you are more patient and gentle now with children littler than you. You are not afraid to voice an opinion and will occasionally take your turn being the ring leader of your little group of friends at playgroup. You still love Adam more than anyone and will often tell me that you love him and he is your best friend and then we have a little talk about how its lovely having special friends but that its also nice to have lots and lots of friends rather than one best friend. When we have had a lovely time playing at Adam and Tahlia’s house you will sob “Adam, Tahlia” over and over when we leave which I think is rather melodramatic but also quite sweet.

You love to dress up and have been handed down some lovely fairy dresses from your friend Tallulah. Most of the clothes that you wear are handed down from Tallulah which causes some confusion when we play with her but always ends alright. You also like to find things of mine around the house and dress up in those and although I think its highly funny to find you wearing a pair of my (clean) knickers, I wish you would hurry up and decide to poop in the toilet so you can wear knickers of your own. However this seems to be the last milestone before you really become a big girl and maybe thats why we are both holding onto the nappies. I am not worried about it anymore, you will decide when you are good and ready and if its not before next January, then the director of the preschool you will be going to says it will definitely happen within days of starting there once you realise how much fun it is to use the little toilets with all your new friends.

You don’t sleep during the day anymore and although I am grateful that you kept up your afternoon naps until after your sister was born, there are days when I wish you would stop and sleep. You will hop into my bed in the afternoon sometimes and watch a dvd which is another of your new obsessions. You have a huge collection of dvds for someone so little and you have your favourites, Anastasia and what you call My World which is actually titled The new pocohontas. You also love Nemo and The jungle book but your favourites to watch are still the tv show Dora the Explorer and Peppa Pig. Sometimes in the morning after a bad night when you wake up and call “Mummy, Daddy, I am awake, come and get me” one of us will go in and put your slippers and dressing gown on and then turn on the tv for you and come and get back into bed where inevitably Stella will be sleeping and we try and wake up whilst you watch your shows. Sometimes we even go back to sleep until you come in and demand “breakwast please”. I don’t feel too guilty about this because there are very few areas in your life where I compromise based on your sister.

You are a great talker, you have been since the day you started stringing sentences together and I take it forgranted that I can talk to you as I would another adult. We have some fascinating discussions, sometimes I get what you are talking about, other times I don’t, like that time in the car when you were asking me if we were going to go back to the elbow man at that house and I had no idea what you were talking about until we picked up your Daddy and he said “the elbow man, you mean the physiotherapist” and suddenly everything you had said made perfect sense! I love it when you tell me I “begot” something meaning I forgot and when you say, out of the blue “I have an idea” and its usually something brilliant like we should stop and get a coffee or maybe chippies for lunch!
So Amy, although its been hard at times adjusting to our new family of four, I wouldn’t change anything for the world. I am so grateful to have had two years and nine months when it was just you and me and if its possible, having your little sister has made me love you, my big girl even more than I ever though possible.
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