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Cubby house

Sorry, this is another photo post but one I have been meaning to catch up on. Tonight Amy went to bed with a temperature of 38.67 degrees. I managed to get a dose of panadol into her before she fell asleep and her temp has come down to 37.56 so I hope she has a good sleep. I hate it when my children are not well. So, instead of Stella’s milestones, see Amy’s cubby house.

A rugby friend of Ron’s told him about this old cubby house that a friend of his was wanting to rehome. We gallantly accepted but it took forever for Ron and some friends to fetch it and even longer to set up in its new home in our garden. Finally after much hard work by Ron, he managed to get the cubby house up on its new legs on the morning of Amy’s birthday party.

Amy adores her new playhouse and would happily sit out in it for hours at a time. Unfortunately the middle of winter is not such a good time to introduce a child to a new fabulous little house of their own and then tell them they can’t enjoy it because its too damn cold!

Amy and I have managed to have tea in her new house a few times since whilst Stella has been sleeping and Ron and I both hope that over the coming years, the girls will make this little old wooden playhouse their very own and spend many hours enjoying it.

I had a cubby house when I was little and I remember the feelings of pride and ownership that come with having your very own space where grown-ups have to ask permission to enter.

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