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Meals and nappies

This is a filler post, if you come back tomorrow there should be something more interesting that a photo of my newly organised pantry. I however think my pantry is quite exciting because its part of a grand scheme to streamline my grocery shopping experience and reduce our monthly expenditure as part of the great big meal planning exercise.
This is what greets me when I look out the backdoor from the deck. We are flingers in our household, no nappy bins or complicated machinery for making dirty nappies into sausages. We just fill up the bags, tie them in knots and then FLING them out the back door.

I assume that Ron picks them up periodically otherwise this pile would be up to the level of the deck by now. I really should have explored cloth nappies but I just wasn’t expecting to still be changing nappies on my three year old. Oh well. Come back tomorrow for Stella’s 12 week milestones and hopefully a lot of lovely photographs of her chubby gorgeousness!
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