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Cheese and whine

Careful, or Amy might turn you into a frog! Its 7.45pm on Sunday evening and I am off to bed. Ron and I went out last night, to a friend’s house down the road, for a cheese and wine party. Apart from conjouring up bad memories from university when Society evenings used to call a block of cold, hard processed cheese and several boxes of cheap plonk – cheese & wine, it was actually a lovely evening. Just the right amount of people and plenty of the afore mentioned cheese and wine. I drank a bottle of delicious Italian muscato, a slightly sweet, fizzy, low alcohol drink which basically tastes like Grapetiser and is only approximately three standard drinks for the bottle. Which I drank all of, myself.

Amy stayed at Grandma’s and we popped Stella into the pram and parked her in the spare room. When we left at 1.45am she still hadn’t woken up. Back at home I gave her a feed and put her into her cot. She woke at 4am but I just reswaddled her and gave her her dummy and the next I heard from her it was 7am! This makes it two nights in a row with only one feed between the hours of 7pm and 7am, long may it last!
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