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Birthdays and cake

Things are slowly getting back to ‘normal’ round here. Ron is back at work today and I took the girls to the Dr this morning, both got a clean bill of health. This is great news because it means Amy’s cough is most likely viral and will go away and Stella’s snuffly nose and sneezing is just her little immune system fighting off a virus. This is however also bad news because it means I don’t have an explanation for the REVOLTING behaviour shown by my toddler over recent days. We have had numerous hysterical tantrums, screaming, shouting, refusal to eat, refusal to put socks on, refusal to get into or out of the bath, meltdowns of epic proportions at bedtime and other assorted issues. Phew, parenting is never easy.
A quick catch up post about Amy’s birthday party. I was super organised and on the morning of the party all I needed to do was put the cake together. I have learnt a few lessons from previous years and this year I bought the cakes and decorations and all I needed to do was make a batch of pink icing.

Of course the first batch of pink icing wasn’t enough so I had to make another batch, hence the reason the castle towers are different pinks.

Then once the icing was made (a simple butter, icing sugar and milk mix) I assembled the parts, slapped a coat of icing on it all and stuck it together. I had already made the sugar cone turrets dipped in chocolate and sprinkles the night before – clever, no?

If I have to say so myself, I was super pleased with how this turned out. For relatively little effort it looked supremely good and the bought cakes always taste good so it was actually delicious.

Amy was thrilled and it was very gratifying to see her little face light up when we brought the cake out. This year she really enjoyed everyone singing to her and she joined in loudly!

The kids devoured the cake and I didn’t have to feel too guilty about the amount of sugar in it because I decided not to do lolly bags this year. Mean maybe but they really are too little to appreciate it and parents have enough to deal with after partys without the additional fight over the lolly bag.

It was a fun day, Amy was perfectly behaved (god I remember those days!) and the kids all had a good time playing in Amy’s new cubby house that Ron finished putting up that morning. Pics to follow.

I enjoyed myself too, being well organised meant I had a lot of time to sit and chat with friends and enjoy my sister’s company. But its interesting to note that I did have a lot of anxiety about cleaning and felt unable to sit down for long, always looking for something to pick up and take inside or put in the dishwasher. This was the start of my little spiral into negativity and with hindsight its clear that my need to clean and tidy was a sure sign that I was feeling anxious and unsettled even then.

The good news is that I feel much, much better. In fact my kitchen is a mess and the laundry basket is overflowing, all signs that my anxiety is being mananged because I am not rushing around to tidy up!

On that note I just want to thank all of you who have stopped by and left a comment or sent me an email. Its wonderful knowing there are so many supportive and friendly people out there who care! Its really helped me knowing that no matter how hard things can feel sometimes, there is always someone to talk to or reach out to. Thank you.

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