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EDITED TO ADD: I just realised looking at these photos that my daughter has a dimple in the same spot as my sister! Loving the family resemblance!
Despite having to say goodbye to my sister at the crack of dawn this morning, its been a good birthday. I can’t believe I am 33 but I really feel it tonight! Liv and I had a divine week last week, such a short time together but we packed loads in and I really enjoyed sharing my girls with my sister. Amy’s relationship with my family is so precious to me and trips like this one are vital to ensure Amy and Stella always know how loved they are by my family.

My birthday present this morning was coffee and donuts in bed, tonight its the girls going to sleep at 6.30 followed by wine and bubbles in the bath.

Liv, you are very missed and loved, I hope your flight was ok and you don’t get too sick this week! Lots and lots of love baby sister!
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