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Stella sleeps in her cot in Amy’s room

Sunday 20th June 2009 – Stella Milestone: she goes up a size in nappies to Crawlers 6-11kgs and sleeps in her cot in Amy’s room for the first time.
It was a day for milestones yesterday. Amy was at her Grandparents and Ron had put the base of the cot up the day before so when it came time to put Stella down for her morning sleep I decided to use the cot. Stella closed her eyes and went to sleep and I let myself feel sad for yet another milestone reached! She looked so tiny sleeping in that big cot.

When it came time to put the girls to sleep last night I just decided on the spur of the moment to put Stella back into the cot in Amy’s room. She was asleep in an instant and Amy climbed into bed about 20 minutes later. Stella opened her eyes to listen to Ron reading a story and then went back to sleep. Amy had a cry because she wanted her bedside light turned towards her but this shone straight into Stella’s face through the bars of the cot but after a short protest she too was asleep. It was a slightly disrupted early evening, not because the girls were rooming together, rather just circumstance. Amy did a poo and had to have her nappy changed and Stella kept dropping her dummy and waking up to talk but eventually Ron and I got into bed together in our room, on our own… and watched tv!

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