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Stella is 8 weeks old – Part II
Stella Margaret White at 8 weeks old – Part II, the stats.In the interests of record keeping then this is how the average day is broken up with feeds and sleeps @ 8 weeks of age:
7.30am Stella is awake and alert. She likes to be unswaddled in her cot and to wave her arms around and talk before being picked up for a feed.
8am Stella has a good feed lasting 10-15 minutes from one breast. She has a burp and then plays and talks for a while before I swaddle her and start settling her.
9am Stella is asleep, wrapped with her dummy in her bassinet.
If we are going out I let her sleep until just before we leave when I pick her up and settle her in the capsule. She will usually stay asleep for a while longer and then wake for an early feed.
If we are staying in Stella will sleep for around 2 hours before waking up and needing an immediate nappy change.
12pm Stella has a good feed lasting 10-20 minutes from one breast, followed by a burp and a play before being swaddled and settled down for another nap.
If we are at home after a morning out Stella will often have 3 hours in the afternoon but if we are out she will cat nap, feed, cat nap and I often let her nap on my lap, indulgent and probably frowned about but so lovely!
4.30pm Stella is awake and playing
5pm Stella has a feed from one breast
6pm we start the bath routine, Stella has some naked time on the floor followed by a bath lasting 15-20 minutes which she will spend staring at her sister! Ron has been bathing the girls together now for a week and its working well. Amy gets her bath done earlier before the terrible meltdown happens and Stella LOVES bathing with her big sister, no bath toys required!
6.30pm Stella has a good feed lasting 10-15 minutes from one breast and a good burp and then we swaddle her and cuddle her for a few minutes before putting her down in her cot with her dummy.
Stella sleeps from 7pm until either we wake her at 11pm for a dreamfeed or she wakes around 12/1am. I have been taking her into bed for that feed as she is still mostly asleep as am I.
Stella then sleeps until 4.30/5am and I have been getting up for this feed so I can pump at the same time as I am feeding her from the other breast. This works really well and I am getting 160mls at this feed which I am freezing for Ron to use at the dreamfeed.
Stella goes back down easily and sleeps until 7.30am and our day starts over again.

Like Amy, Stella is a quick and efficient feeder and judging by how much I can pump from one breast at the same time as feeding her, she is getting around 160ml at each feed. Sometimes if she is unsettled after a feed I might put her on the other breast but I really need to learn my lesson once and for all, this does not work and almost every time I do this Stella will have a huge burp and then vomit up most of the feed. She is full and satisfied after 12 minutes on one breast which like last time around with Amy means that feeding is easy and manageable which makes life with Stella really uncomplicated. I have been happily feeding Stella whilst out and about because she is so quick often people won’t even realise I have been feeding my baby until I am done.

I have worked out that Stella is a much happier baby if she has one long, uninterrupted nap at home during the day, it can be morning or afternoon but it definitely means she is more settled and less overstimulated during the day. If she has a good sleep in the morning it means I worry less about her cat napping on my lap if we are over at a friends house, which also means I can enjoy the guilty pleasure of holding my soft, warm daughter in my arms and watching her mouth make little sucking shapes as she sleeps!
According to Stella’s medical baby book where we will record all of her milestone measurements and immunisations, Stella is off the chart for weight. She started out around the 80th percentile for weight at birth at 3.995kg/8.8lb at four weeks she was on the 95th percentile at 5.23kg/11.5lb and now at eight weeks she is off the chart at about the 97th percentile weighing in at 6.1kg/13.4lbs. For length Stella was on the 95th percentile at birth at 54cm/21in, she dropped to 90th percentile at four weeks at 56cm/22in and at eight weeks is on around the 80th percentile at 58.5cm/23in. Her head circumference started out on the 75th percentile at 36cm/14in at birth, at four weeks she was on the 90th percentile at 39cm/15in and now at eight weeks she has dropped back to the 50th percentile at apparently 38.5cm which leads me to believe that all these measurements are pure speculation and depend entirely on the person measuring the baby which in Stella’s case has been a different person at each appointment! Either that or Stella’s head circumference is decreasing at a rate exponential to the rate that her weight is increasing which is both bizarre and scary!
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