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Stella is 8 weeks old – Part III
Stella Margaret White at 8 weeks old – Part III, the conclusion.
In conclusion I can deduce from all these numbers and statistics that Stella is a healthy, happy, well fed baby who continues to grow and thrive under our constant care. Phew. Breathe a sigh of relief! I had to answer a standard post-partum questionnaire at the nurse’s office last week and was happy to be able to tick – never/ not at all/infrequently on all the questions. I don’t feel overwhelmed or terribly sad or frightened or panicky which are all feelings I have had in the past at various times in my life when circumstances have conspired to increase my anxiety levels past normal. I am instead feeling mostly calm and content and still very much in love with Stella and my wilful, demanding but delightful Amy. I know there is still lots of room for improvement in many areas of our new lives but overall we are getting it right. Ron and I do need to make more of the time we do spend together, talking and being with each other rather than sinking onto the couch and vegging in front of the tv and of course I can always be a better parent to Amy, sitting with her to do her crafting, spending time playing on her terms even if it means taking all the cushions from the couch into the kitchen to make a cubby house. I should also be making more constructive time for myself to read or just rest and not roam the house restlessly wondering what chore to do next.
BUT we still have a new baby in the house, the weather has been dire, raining off and on since we brought Stella home and my nights are still interrupted by feeds so its probably best that I just pat myself on the back for mostly holding it all together through Stella’s first two months and just take the rest as it comes! We have a busy week ahead of us with my sister arriving, then a joint birthday party for Amy and myself next weekend. My sister and I are going to pack as much as we can into her short stay and I have given myself the rather ridiculous task of creating not one but two birthday cakes for the party. One for Amy and one for me. Ask me this time next week how that is going!
Time is still flying by and there is very little left of the tiny, crumpled, froglike newborn in Stella. She has gorgeous chubby rolls of pudge on her legs and arms and a couple of distinct chins. Her tummy is so round that she doesn’t bend very well in the middle which makes bathing her difficult! She loves to wave her arms around and when she lies upright on the feeding pillow on my lap her legs kick my tummy hard enough to hurt! She can hold her head up for longer periods of time when lying on her tummy on the ground and she will stay that way for ages watching her sister playing. She turns her head to our voices and her whole face breaks into a breathtaking smile when we call her name and babble at her.

She makes more noises now and loves Amy singing to her. The books say that at two months of age a baby may be able to squeal in delight and laugh out loud and Ron says that sometimes in the bath her little body will shake with delight at something Amy does but she hasn’t quite managed an actual giggle as yet. I remember Amy’s first laugh as one of the highlights of her first year and even managed to catch it on video. She was 3 days past 3 months old at the time. Now that Stella is interacting and engaging us its easier for me to let go of my sadness that her newborn stage is over and I am excited for all the fun changes to come. As Ron and I have said to friends who have babies: “It only gets better!”
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