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The talents of my Mum, Gogga

My Mum is an incredibly talented woman. Apart from being the best mum/grandmother around, she can hand tie flys for fishing, hand bind books from scratch, sew almost anything, cook delicious meals and recently she took up painting. Anything she turns her hand to she is good at although she will still tell anyone that she isn’t the creative sort!
After Amy was born my Mum gave her this plate. Everything is hand painted lovingly by my Mum and commemorates the day of Amy’s birth. This is the plate that my Mum gave Amy on her first birthday. I think its fantastic that Amy is going to have a collection of precious things made for her by someone who loves her very much. I hope she treasures them as much as I do.

I only noticed the spelling mistake when I was photoshopping these today! Oops, but I guess thats what makes these plates so special. For those of you who don’t know, the name Gogga is what we called Mum’s mum, my grandmother (Stella has her name as her second name, Margaret) and is an adaptation of the African name for grandmother. I love that my daughters call my Mum, Gogga as it has such fond connotations of my beloved Grandmother who passed away when I was 14 and is still much loved and missed.
A close up of the detail on the back of the plate where some ants have found a piece of something to cluster around! Incredible fine details!
For Amy’s second birthday Mum gave her this plate. It shows ‘sherpa’ Amy climbing Mount Everest following behind my Mum, identified by the tin on the back of her backpack. My Mum has a long held fascination with Everest so its something personal to her and us. The tin painted is Mum’s make-up tin which she has had for years and is a special favourite of Amy’s. She loves to sit with Gogga when she is doing her make-up. The tin has seen better days since Dad ran it over earlier this year! Luckily he managed to knock out most of the dents so its still usable or he would be finding somewhere else to live I think.
The painted lettering on the back reads “Sherpa Amy and Gogga attempt to summit Mt Everest” and there are some footprints, big ones with crampon prints and little ones right next to them!

These beautiful, special gifts hang on Amy’s bedroom wall where she can admire them and we talk about them often. Gogga’s plates. Amy did want to know why plates were on the wall and she couldn’t eat her dinner off them, but now she understands that these are a special gift for her and her alone.
Remind me to tell you about the postcards that my Mum has been sending to Amy from around the world, another lovely tradition that will help bond Amy and my family even though they live far away.
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