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I loved breastfeeding Amy. When I look back to her start in life it does suprise me that I managed it because I had so little help those first few days and it makes me eternally grateful to my Mum for being a calm and practical influence on me when I was a hormonal mess! I left the hospital just under 12 hours after delivering Amy. I had her at 7.37pm on the Thursday night and we were home for an early lunch on Friday. I was supposed to get a midwife visit at home that day and the next but due to some confusion over the weekend I didn’t get to see a midwife until Monday morning which left me to figure out breastfeeding all by myself for the first three days of Amy’s life. Considering how hard I found it this time around it really is a miracle that Amy and I figured it all out!

So thats the truth, learning to breastfeed was a lot harder for me second time. Strange isn’t it? But I was prepared for this thanks to the shared experiences of friends who have had their second babies before me and realised they were trying to feed their newborn in the same way they had been feeding their toddlers. Within 15 minutes of Stella’s birth she was on my breast and she stayed there pretty much for the next few days, stopping sucking only to sleep. This combined with the very bad decision to attempt breastfeeding whilst lying down in bed on the second night as I stuggled to settle Stella left my nipples quite badly grazed and breastfeeding stopped being a wonderful way to bond with my new baby and started becoming something I faced with gritted teeth. Luckily one of the benefits of being in a private hospital meant a lactation consultant on hand to help and after an hour spent trying different feeding positions and latching and relatching her on and I felt ready to carry on.
I used nipple shields for a few days after getting home whilst my milk was coming in and this helped heal the worst of the grazes. As an aside, why do they call the injuries sustained whilst breastfeeding – grazes? The wounds on my nipples could be described as grazes only if you wanted to describe a shark attack as a nibble! These were deep crevices which were both tender and bruised and sharply painful at the same time and I was lucky, my sore nipples were only moderately sore in comparison to some. Thankfully since then Stella and I have developed a wonderful, intimate, successful breastfeeding partnership and the quiet moments when I am feeding her with no distractions have become some of my most precious moments with my youngest daughter.
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