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Laundry of the worst kind
This is what greeted me this morning shortly after changing and feeding Stella!

The great poop saga of 2009 continues to bewilder and dismay and is only made worse by the obvious irony of having a newborn in the house who is capable of blowing out a nappy with one sweet grunt!

As I mentioned on Twitter, one daughter is backed up with poop while the other daughter just pooped up her back!

After a number of false starts with toilet training last year where I couldn’t refuse Amy if she asked to sit on the loo but clearly wasn’t ready for the real deal, the issues with Amy and potty training got worse before they got better. Through out January and February she withheld her poop and cried that her bum was sore and she was scared of her poo. After a few very traumatic bowel movements after not going for up to 5 days I took her to our lovely Dr (who has since buggered off, thanks) and we had a good chat. She checked that Amy’s bum was NOT sore and agreed that I should give her some medication to make her stool soft but not a laxative or fibre supplement that would make her poo more often as that could make the problem worse. Ron and I stopped talking about poos/wees/pottys/toilets/nappys/knickers around Amy and gave her nightly doses of medicine. Amy started pooping every day or every other day but often at night whilst asleep, early in the morning whilst asleep, or while out at the park. She still complained that “her bum was a little bit sore” but it was infrequent and she started expressing an interest in wearing knickers and going to the toilet again. We still didn’t push the issue because the birth of the baby was getting closer and closer and we didn’t want to start anything that might backfire after all the changes that were coming.

Fast forward to a few weeks after Stella was born and I am at playgroup with Amy. I need the loo so tell Amy I am just popping to the toilet and she says she wants to come. No problem. In the loo she says she wants to do a wee, no problem, I strip off her trousers and nappy, balance her on the toilet and she makes a face and tells me she is doing a poo! Cue hordes of heavenly angels singing! She poos, I wipe and dress her, she proudly tells everyone what she just did and we spend the next few days talking about poos/wees/pottys/toilets/nappys/knickers. Still no real progress though and once again we don’t push it because its complicated breastfeeding and toilet training and I am so afraid to cause problems by pushing the issue.

And then we get to last night where Amy once again complains her bum is sore, she is afraid of her poo and it all culminates in a tearful, hysterical Amy on the loo, me holding her down and crying then a poop accident while a completely besides herself Amy begs me for a nappy and then doesn’t finish the poo after all that!

Sigh. We are back to square one and I am starting to feel afraid that this is never going to work out. I don’t know what angle to take now and although there is no rush to get her trained, she is not going to preschool or daycare but I feel its something we really need to FIX. Thats because I feel like I broke it and have failed as a parent. Another parenting lesson, and a tough one at that.

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