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I hope my six week update didn’t come across as braggy in anyway, especially with regard to the ease with which Stella sleeps and settles. I am trying hard to keep accurate records of what Stella is doing at various points in time, not for any reason other than I like record keeping and its fun comparing to what Amy was doing at the same stage. Although I am realising how big the gaps are in my records from Amy’s first few months. I guess I was more preoccupied with my new baby than I remember!

The first few weeks in a baby’s life are so all over the place that there aren’t any real milestones except maybe the first smile. According to “the books” by one month your baby should be able to: lift head briefly when on stomach on a flat surface and focus on a face. Your baby will probably be able to: respond to a loud noise by startling or crying. Your baby may possibly be able to: lift head 45 degrees when on stomach, vocalise in some other way than crying eg cooing and smile in response to your smile. Your baby may even be able to: lift head 90 degrees when on stomach, hold head steady when upright, bring both hands together and smile spontaneously.

Stella is reaching most of those milestones if you can call them that. She is a big baby which means she is physically strong and also means she can fill her tummy and sleep for longer. I am blessed with big babies and luckily have the hips and pelvis to be able to birth them too. I plan on doing monthly updates on Stella’s progress and the blog is the perfect place to record these updates and share them with proud grandparents and anyone else who is interested! I suppose you can always enjoy the photos if the endless “Stella did this” “Stella did that” gets a little tiresome!

We have had a couple of unsettled nights recently. Stella still has a snotty nose which seems to block up in the early hours of the morning causing her to wriggle restlessly in her bassinet and unwind herself from her swaddle. I have been using saline nose drops to help soften the dry mucus and also loosen the snot and this process along with using saline to cleanse her gummy eye and oozy belly button mean that change times are unpleasant for all of us. I mean who would like someone swabbing your sore eye and then squirting cold saline up your nose whilst wiping vigorously at your bum!

I have made the first of a few appointments with local Dr’s that have come recommended. We are going to see a Dr my Obstetrician suggested tomorrow morning, hopefully I will like him and I can stop looking for a family Dr as Stella will be seven weeks tomorrow which means she needs her eight week jabs next week so I need to book in somewhere.

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