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Sunday 24th May – Circular Quay for coffee with friends from the UK via Perth.
(its scary that I still look pregnant in this photo. That bump is actually Stella, asleep in the sling!)

Ron started sniffing yesterday and Amy went to bed and coughed sporadically through out the night. Sigh. Thankfully my cold is no worse and I feel ok, but Stella is still blocked up although the saline drops seem to be helping as has elevating the head end of her cot mattress. I didn’t draw any conclusions about where we might have picked up this current strain of cold until I sat down to catch up on photos and blogging this morning.

Two weeks ago we went to Circular Quay to meet an old friend of mine and her husband and two children for coffee. Michelle and I lived together for a while at university and then kept in touch after moving to London for a while. Then we lost touch and only caught up again just before we left the UK. I went round to visit Michelle and her daughter Isobel when Amy was only 3 months old and she slept in her car seat through most of the visit while Michelle and I gabbed about everything and nothing.
Michelle is now a blog reader (Hi Michelle!!) and has been living in Perth for the last year whilst her husband Phil did a stint working in the Aussie public health system. We have chatted on the phone a few times and finally they were popping over to Sydney for a visit and kindly made time for coffee, breakfast and a run around for the girls!

Isobel and Amy were quite shy with each other to begin with but soon warmed up and were off, holding hands and running around together. It was very sweet to watch. Once again Michelle and I gabbed non-stop whilst our husbands talked rugby and our two newest babies slept.
I love meeting up with an old friend whom I haven’t seen in ages and starting up just like it was only last week that we caught up with each other. Thats the beauty of staying friends with someone through to adulthood, we shared experiences when we were younger but now have even more in common because we are both mothers.
So, do you think what we have are just common variety colds or could they turn into something more ominous after all, we did wander around Circular Quay on the day the Princ3ss Dawn docked releasing its passengers into Sydney to spread Swine Flu!!!!!!
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