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Photo filler post

I am going to do a few photo filler posts over the coming days as I clearly don’t have as much time for endless blogging like I had hoped! I do have posts in draft about amongst other things, my recovery post-partum and my struggles with Amy’s hair – HELP needed internet!

In the meantime some more photos of Stella, wow she has changed SO MUCH since these pics were taken back in the first days of her life whilst we were still in hospital!

Our first family portrait a few hours after Stella was born. I am so glad I wrote my birth story as quickly as I did because already the intensity and emotional adrenalin from that day has worn off a little. What hasn’t diminished is how I feel about my new daughter!

Her tiny foot and the first of many comparisons with her older sister, Amy’s feet were much more wrinkled than Stella’s at birth.

I hope to have some posts up later this week, I have been suffering with a headcold this weekend and Stella has been unsettled too, lots of feeding and sleeping, just closer together than we have been used to. In other news, Ron gave Stella her first bottle of expressed milk this weekend, the milestones just keep on coming!
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