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Stella is 4.5 weeks old

Stella turned one calender month old yesterday. She is now 4 and a 1/2 weeks old or 31 days old. She weighs 5kgs on the nose which means my boobs are working GREAT and she has gained 1 kilo in 4 weeks or 250g a week which puts her comfortably in the 90th percentile for weight. I wish I could compare her to Amy at the same age but I have lost Amy’s red book from the UK. Bad mother. However I do know that Amy started in the 90th percentile and stayed there until they stopped bothering to write down how perfectly big she was.

Stella is a lot more alert during the day and will often play for short periods of time between feeding, sleeping and pooping. She likes to wave her arms around a lot and kick her legs. She also pulls a lot of funny faces like in this photo above. Cross eyed and tongue sticking out – lovely! We have been seeing a few smiles over the last few days but I haven’t managed to capture one with the camera yet. It is definitely a smile because it starts in her eyes and travels to her mouth and her little dimple comes out too. It makes my heart hurt to see it.
Stella has also developed a lovely case of baby acne which is something that didn’t happen with Amy. Her little face looks blotchy and red when she is angry but when she is in repose, fast asleep, it smooths out to baby softness again. Her hair seems to be lighter but maybe its actually just starting to thin out a little. She still has a tufty bit at the crown of her head which refuses to lie down no matter how much I lick it.

Stella is sleeping really well. She has settled into a routine of her own which actually suits us very well. The average day starts with a feed at around 5.30 or 6am after which she goes back down, either in our bed for a cheeky cuddle if I have fed her there, or back into her bassinet. We get up again at around 8.30 or 9ish have another feed and then head out for playgroup or to meet friends. We get home around 12ish, have another feed and then she goes down for a 3 hour sleep in her bassinet. She gets up again around 4ish at which point we have another feed and then either go out to pick up Ron or have a play at home. The next few hours involve lots of feeding, usually a bath, sometimes some rocking and cuddling but Stella is usually settled in her bassinet by about 7.30pm at which point I sink onto the couch with a large glass of wine!

We continue to be thrilled and delighted by our little Stella. Amy however is proving to be a little more trying! The initial novelty of becoming a big sister has worn off and she is feeling disgruntled and unhappy. She never takes this out on Stella but instead spends most of her day shouting at me, refusing to sleep in the afternoons and melting down into a puddle of hysterical, exhausted, unhappy toddler at around 6.30pm every night. Ron and I know that we need to give Amy some more attention and spend some more one-on-one time with her but its proving hard to do and to be brutally honest, most of the time I find myself feeling short tempered and annoyed with her for being so hideous. Sigh, parenting, its not an easy job!
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