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Sleep and the newborn

Through out my pregnancy when people asked me practical questions like “where will the baby sleep?” I always gave very ambiguous answers. We didn’t want to make too many parenting decisions before meeting our child so we couldn’t decide where the baby would sleep until we knew whether the baby was a good sleeper, or was able to settle itself. I was determined to do things differently this time around. Not because I think we got things wrong with Amy, quite the contrary actually. We were bound by what we thought were ‘the rules’ and as a result we were quite strict with ourselves and how we dealt with our baby. I was paranoid about feeding her to sleep and often sat her up for a rigorous burping before laying her down in her cot just so I could be certain that she was putting herself to sleep. Although I fed Amy laying down in bed, she never actually slept with us, instead she would come off the boob and then wriggle and protest until I burped her and layed her back into her bassinet where she would usually drift off to sleep on her own.

Stella as it turns out is a very similar baby to Amy, content and quiet natured. She cries loudly when having her nappy changed but otherwise is easily placated with a feed or a burp or a cuddle. She settles easily on her own with or without a dummy and sleeps long and peacefully in her bassinet. However this doesn’t mean that I am not indulging my every whim with my precious baby. I frequently let her fall asleep in my arms after a feed and I have been wearing her in my sling as often as I can manage it with my weakened abs and aching back. Last night I had a headache after a long day with my non-napping toddler so when Ron got home from work he bathed Stella and then brought her to me in bed for her last feed of the day before bedtime. We lay quietly together afterwards, Stella nestled on my chest, my nose full of the sweet baby smell of her head, my hand cupped under her round bottom. I listened to her sleeping noises and felt her tiny breaths against my cheek. I could not have been happier to be ignoring all the advice in the world.

*for the record, she transferred easily to her bassinet later and slept for 4 hours*

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