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A sleeping baby

A sleeping baby = time to accomplish a few simple tasks for the day.
Mum left early yesterday morning and I lay in bed waiting for the girls to wake up, weeping a little as Ron drove her to the airport at 6am. Its been a very special three weeks and we are going to miss her more than ever but I know real life goes on and I am excited to accept the challenge that is managing our home and taking care of Amy and Stella.

I did manage to drop Ron at work yesterday morning after he got home from taking Mum to the airport and then even got to Playgroup on time! Stella was sleeping happily in the capsule when we left so I took a drive to the South Africa shop for some comfort food (biltong – dried meat). Back at home I tried to get Amy down for a sleep and I transferred Stella into her bassinet and then hurried to chop veg for supper. Mum and I had planned on making a big sausage stew which is an old family favourite (recipe will be going up on the food blog later) but ran out of time so my one task for the day was to make the stew as all the ingredients had to be used up.
The sleeping baby and no sleeping toddler watching tv allowed me to chop veg, brown sausages, make the sauce and put it all in the pot ready for the oven later. I also had time to wash dishes, load the dishwasher and prepare the rice to be cooked. You have NO IDEA how accomplished this made me feel!

Tidy kitchen, meal ready to be cooked, baby sleeping in rocker. I am a SUPERMUM!

I even had time to contemplate a nice glass of wine with dinner thanks to my Mum enhancing our wine collection!

What does this picture mean? Hmm, well pride comes before a fall and I was definitely feeling very proud of myself when Ron and I sat down to a delicious dinner and a glass of wine at 7.30 with both girls sleeping soundly. Half an hour later just as I was tucking into a box of mothers day chocolates (thanks Mum!) I went to check on Stella who had vomited everywhere. This vomiting thing is not familiar to me, Amy never chucked. Stella had it in her hair, her ear, down her neck and all over her wrap, blanket, sleep suit, vest, flannel sheet and waterproof sheet. The worst thing? She was still fast asleep and I had to WAKE her to get her into the bath, remake her bassinet and dress her after which she was irate so I had to feed her and cuddle her until she finally fell asleep again at about 9.30pm. Sigh. This morning wasn’t much better. She woke at 2am which was a lovely 4 1/2 hour sleep but then struggled to settle and was awake again at 6am at which point I took her into bed with me which is why there is a photo of her sleeping beautifully in our bed. Oh well, you have to bend the rules sometimes and it was a treat cuddling her in our warm bed this morning on the coldest Sydney morning since last year!
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