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Happy Mothers Day

A happy White family at the rugby yesterday. It was great fun showing off Stella in her sling, people were amazed I was wearing her, most of the other new Mums had the prams with all the STUFF and hadn’t really considered wearing their babies. Amy was in her element running around and playing with the other kids.
It was hard for my Mum to get a good picture of the four of us, Amy refuses to look at the camera and smile so it was mostly luck.
My little possum in her pouch. She keeps me warm, I keep her warm. I even managed to feed her in the sling which made me feel very accomplished!

Happy Mother’s day to you all, I am very lucky to be able to spend it with my own mother, we are off to meet Ron’s parents for lunch and then will have a quiet afternoon/evening together at home for Mum’s last night. I don’t want to think too much about her leaving tomorrow. It never gets any easier to say goodbye although we do have a wonderful holiday to look forward to in South Africa at the end of the year it still makes me sad to think of all the milestones my parents are going to miss out on with Stella.

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