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Stella is 2 weeks old

Stella is two weeks old today. She has already grown out of her newborn nappies and this morning her belly button stump fell off. She has completely and utterly entranced us all and I can honestly say I never imagined our lives could open up to this much MORE love.

Its about time I introduced her to you properly. You have seen the photos from the first few days in hospital and read the birth story. Now its time to meet the girl herself and all her funny faces.

She has a serious, quizzical look with her face to one side. Look at the cheeks and the chins!

She is already a pro at sticking her tongue out which anyone who knows me in the real world will know is a total Sarah thing to do!

And then there is the “I have gas so I smile” face but more importantly – LOOK AT THE GORGEOUSNESS THAT IS THE DIMPLE!
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