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A lot of people have asked me how Amy is coping with her new baby sister. Well the answer so far is that she is coping very well indeed. In fact I don’t think we have seen any changes in her behaviour and she is sweet and tender and gentle with Stella. She often comes up when I am feeding and says things like “I love my darling sister” or “she is very sweet Mummy” and she asks to hold her frequently and likes to touch her hands or pat her head very gently. She has also asked some interesting questions like “how did the baby get out of your tummy, Mummy?” Hmm, so I told her the Dr took it out which seemed to satisfy her. She is just starting with the “why’s” and although its fun having discussions with her about why rainbows come and why she has to brush her teeth, I think the novelty is going to wear off pretty quickly.
We went to the park today and I wore Stella in my new sling. She slept like a warm, curled up wombat in my pouch and I am already planning outings in my head so I can wear her more often. Its a funny feeling knowing that as she lies curled up in the sling, so she lay curled up under my heart for all those months.

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