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Stella – 1 week old
Stella – 1 week old
I have missed blogging, but reality is a funny old thing right now, if I am not feeding her, I am cuddling her, if she is sleeping, so am I. If I have a spare minute I am reading Amy a story, cuddling her or maybe squeezing in 10 minutes to have a shower and all of this with both Ron and my Mum here to help!
I have so much to write about, share, tell especially the story of Stella’s arrival but I want to take my time to do it properly. In the meantime just a quick recap. Stella was born on Wednesday afternoon and we stayed in hospital for four nights. A large part of our decision to go down the route of having an obstetrician and to deliver in a private hospital versus no Ob and going to the public hospital was to do with the hospital stay post delivery. In London when I had Amy I delivered her on Thursday night after two nights in hospital, I went to the postnatal ward at 1am into a shared room with three other new mums and was discharged by 10am the next morning. I did have home visits from the midwives but because I went home on a Friday they didn’t get round to seeing me until the Monday and I don’t know what Ron and I would have done if Mum hadn’t been staying with us as the voice of reason each time we panicked when Amy sneezed or hiccuped or went to sleep, or woke up! This time around because we have private health insurance we both decided that we would prefer to have Obstetrician care in case (oh the irony!) I went overdue and then I would stay in the private hospital and physically recover before coming home to the madness that is life with a toddler and a newborn.
The hospital I went to is relatively new, has big spacious rooms with private bathrooms and lots of nurses and staff to help out. The food was delicious, the menu for the following day came round each morning and I took great pleasure ticking off my choices! The midwives were wonderful especially Penny who was with us all day and helped deliver Stella. The nurses post-delivery were on the whole, helpful and friendly and very attentive to both my needs and Stella’s. There were lactation consultants on hand, nurses at the end of a buzzer to assist with anything from latching Stella on to settling her to sleep, to perfecting the swaddle. Although I didn’t make use of it there was even a nursery called the Wombat nursery where after 11pm at night you could take your baby to be cared for for up to 3 or 4 hours at a time whilst you got some well deserved sleep. All in all it was a very comfortable place to recuperate from my delivery and spend some precious one-on-one bonding time with my new daughter knowing my other daughter was being well taken care of at home by my Mum, Ron and his parents.
The bad news was that due to unexpected demand, I had to share a room for the first two nights. At the time this was less of an inconvenience than I had anticipated because it was a possibility all along, they can’t guarantee single rooms. The lady I shared with came in quite late on the Wednesday night with her third child, a girl who they hadn’t named yet. I was closest to the window and had to walk past her curtained bed to get to the bathroom. It was a long night for both of us but not due to each other, rather more because we had both just pushed babies out of our ladybits and had a lot to contend with. During the day on Thursday we both got some sleep and went to the same lactation talk, that night when my guests came to visit she went downstairs with hers and later when hers arrived, I went downstairs to the atrium for coffee with Mum and Rosie to give her some privacy. Early the next morning we were both moved into our own rooms and the rest of my stay was great.
I was discharged on Sunday morning and Ron came to fetch us and bring us home and it was heavenly to be in my own house with my own bathroom and bed and Amy but I did miss pressing the buzzer next to my bed if I needed anything!
Now here we are, Stella is a week old already and I can’t imagine our lives without her in them. Its been a rocky few days, one terrible night and day and one great night and day and I am trying hard to remember the advice I have given to every new Mum I know which is “you can’t do anything wrong in the first few weeks, just take the time to rest and get to know your baby and slowly it will all settle into a comfortable rythm.” I guess its definitely easier to dish the advice than take it. Stella is on the whole an easy baby to please, she is feeding well, if by well you mean ALL THE TIME and my boobs are taking a battering but she is sleeping for longer periods and when she is awake I can’t stare at her enough. Everyone else comments on how alike Amy she is but I just see Stella with her funny little forehead crease and the dimple in her right cheek and I adore every little thing about her.
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