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41 weeks pregnant
41 weeks pregnant

We are just lounging around the house this morning getting ready for the arrival of my Mum. Her flight gets in later this afternoon and I am BESIDES myself with excitement!

Amy made a friend at the Aquarium. A little boy with whom she played in front of the Great Barrier Reef tank for ages.
They were oblivious to the crowds around them and absorbed in playing together and watching the fish, it was very cute. I wanted to ask the Mum what age he was, they looked like they were very similar.

Kissing foreheads in front of the fish tanks!

NEMO!!!!! It was impossible to get too close to this tank, every child and its parent was angling for a look at Nemo and his anemone!
Dugong with a mouthful of salad, also kind of obscene looking at them from underneath.
Underneath view of a sting ray. Ron was fascinated by these creatures, especially the giant one in the shark tank.

Flying sting ray.

I loved watching the graceful Dugongs. For such a large animal they are so gentle in the water. I have seen them in the wild on a boat crossing from Vilanculos, Mozambique to Bengeurra Island back in 2000 when I was between jobs, boyfriends and life and spent nearly two months on the Island, working, thanks to my aunt being marketing manager. It was idyllic.
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