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Pregnancy update – 40 weeks and 5 days

40 weeks and 5 days

I forgot to post the remaining pics from our spontaneous photoshoot a couple of weeks ago. I really must remember to take another couple of belly shots tonight. To be honest, I never expected to be taking photos of my belly at this late stage, I thought I would be showing off photos of my new baby. Sigh. What can you do?
I am however feeling much more cheerful after we made a bunch of decisions yesteday. I am taking a 5 day course of broad spectrum antibiotics to knock out this infection in my chest and left sinus. After not feeling any better after a week it was time to acknowledge the fact that sometimes what is best for one thing is not best for another. Cryptic? Well I didn’t want to take antibiotics in pregnancy and as it turns out this was a stupid decision. Going into labour with a totally blocked nose, painfully sensitive and blocked left ear, aching left sinus and a hacking cough with raspy breathing just wouldn’t have worked. My 6 hour stint in labour and delivery on Wednesday confirmed this. (Which for the record was a very positive experience – the midwives were wonderful, the stand-in Ob, helpful and considerate, the rooms comfortable and well equipped. I feel more confident now having had a practice run! Oh, and at least we know where it is now after not bothering to take a tour. I did feel stupid rocking up at reception, clearly hugely pregnant and asking for directions!)

We also saw my Obstetrician yesterday. I never expected to be back in his waiting room after he came back from holidays but there we were, waiting our turn. He was concerned about my ordeal on Wednesday but pleased with the results of the blood tests and CTG (continuous monitoring of heart rate and trace contractions) on the baby. My blood pressure is back to a perfect 110/60, I have lost another kilo (WIN) and he had a look at the baby with the ultrasound. Its moving around a lot (no kidding – ouch) there is still plenty of amniotic fluid as evidenced by the baby having a big drink and then having the audacity to get hiccups. Not like its COMFORTABLE in there or anything! And just like last time round when I was hugely pregnant with Amy, we are starting to talk about induction. Suprisingly this has actually had a positive effect on my spirits. I KNOW how this story goes and it’s familiar to both Ron and I. I can stop stressing about the WHEN and start concentrating on the WHAT – which is that soon enough I will hold my perfect baby in my arms and this tedious, boring wait will just be a couple of blog entries, a few tweets and a weeks worth of facebook updates. (sorry internet, don’t ever say I don’t like the attention!)
So, the plan is this. My Mum arrives on Sunday from South Africa, just like last time she was due to arrive long past the baby’s arrival, just like last time my stubborn baby refused to be born until its Gogga was here! Later on Sunday afternoon Mum and I will go into Labour and Delivery for another hour or so of CTG monitoring to ensure the baby is still happy at a week post my due date and then based on those results and some blood pressure checks we will talk induction dates for next week. I feel almost cheerful getting to this point and even after my Ob checked my cervix yesterday and declared “its not bad news, but…” I felt strangely giggly! I KNOW I have an incompetent cervix, this was the problem last time, we just presumed that having done what it was supposed to do, once, albeit after a lot of convincing (36 hours of active labour post induction!) maybe this time around it would co-operate! Hah, the jokes on me! So, in the meantime we are refusing to sit around talking about the irregular and non-painful contractions I have been having since Wednesday and instead we are making plans. To the aquarium today (school holidays be damned!) and maybe a bbq with friends tomorrow. Surely my luck has to see me going into labour in the middle of the shark tunnel, hemmed in either side by hundreds of families trying to entertain their bored school children? What do you think?
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