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Pregnancy update – 40 weeks and 4 days

40 weeks and 4 days

No change overnight, Ron had a good sleep, I slept alright, was woken by some strong contractions, managed to sleep through most of the mild ones. Nothing escalated to what we have been advised to watch out for. Two strong contractions, lasting 45-50 seconds within ten minutes, for more than an hour. Nope, nothing like that for me. Although I did learn that its hard to wee when contracting.

Amy spent the night with Grandma, I spoke to her this morning and she asked “are you still in the hostipal Mummy?” she slept straight through and hasn’t said anything about what happened to us yesterday which is good. Hopefully it will fade to a vague and distant memory. I was awake at 4.30am thinking about it all but in an abstract way. I still can’t believe what happened to us but am still concentrating on the fact that no one was hurt, we are all ok and I should have a baby by the time mother’s day rolls around (11 May for those of you who are interested!)

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