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Still pregnant

Happy Easter everyone! I know that I shouldn’t go missing online when people are wondering if I have gone into labour. Just a quick heads up for those of you who are bothered, when I don’t update the blog, I might still send a quick twitter, so take a look over there to the right to see what I am doing. Not much probable.

We have had a very quiet Easter weekend. Amy woke up to a Dunseith family traditional Easter egg nest at the foot of her bed. This is something I can remember as far back as memories go, waking up and looking down to find a nest full of eggs, treats and fun. I wonder now how my parents, I mean the Easter bunny managed it as we got bigger and longer, strange that the nest never ended up on the floor. As you can see Amy has a long way to go in her big girls bed before that happens. For a kid who has never really liked chocolate, she did well. Now we have a ton of eggs in the fridge that need to be eaten so she can stop whining and asking for them. Sigh.

In other news, no, I have not had this baby yet, no, I have not had any signs of labour, no, I am still mostly unable to breathe through my nose thanks to a nasty head cold that appeared on Friday morning. NO I DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR MYSELF ONE BIT! Ok, so I lied on that one, I have been feeling revoltingly sorry for myself but now that I can breathe, my ears have unblocked and I am starting to cough up the chunks of pleghm I am feeling suprisingly better and more optimistic. I can actually imagine going into labour whereas the last few nights I have laid awake panicking about how I will be able to breathe the gas and air if I CAN’T BREATHE! Also, behold the cuteness that is my daughter in plaits. When she lets me this is the best way to get her hair out of her face and the best thing, they last overnight too. (Bad mother)

Its definitely an improvement when her hair usually looks like this. (But she still looks beautiful to me!)

One more thing. Karma is when you laugh a lot at a photo on a friend’s blog and then the same thing happens to you. Har, har, hah, haaaaaaa.
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