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Still coughing

UPDATED: to add that Amy has bronchitis and some nasty sounding crackles in her left lung. There is a horrible whooping cough going round so the Dr has prescribed her a 5 day course of Erythromycin and recommended a cough treatment that actually works. Ten minutes after her first dose Amy started coughing up lovely chunks of mucous. He agreed that a steam treatment in the bathroom before bed was a good idea and told me to keep a close eye on the slight rattle in her breath. If it gets any worse or she starts to run a fever or show any other symptoms, best to get to hospital what with it being a long weekend and all that.

I remember the days when the Thursday afternoon before the Easter long weekend was a heady mix of excitement as the back office staff were usually invited out by the traders in the front office for a drinks bender what with most markets in Europe being closed on Good Friday. I can taste that feeling of tension and pleasure knowing that I was going to probably be drinking good champagne and smoking someone else’s cigarettes whilst flirting with all measure of wideboys and traders with ego problems and cash to blow. I could stay up as late as I wanted, get a cab home and sleep until the hangover had faded before facing a leisurely long weekend, maybe a party at the House of Sin, some shopping, Easter sunday afternoon spent drinking pints in a pub somewhere. London was full of spring and it was often warm enough to congregate outside the pubs and bars, ties loosened, jackets flung on a bar stool, handbags discarded in a safe corner. It was a time of pleasure and carefree concerns.

Times are very different now but right this moment my mood is lifting. We picked Ron up from work early and stopped at the shops to get supplies for the weekend. I have bottles of ginger beer instead of wine and lots of easter eggs and fun food. As I type Ron has taken Amy to the park to run around and use up some energy. A chicken is roasting in the oven and I am wearing my comfy pj’s while the baby gently pokes at my belly button with a little knee. I may not be able to control the events around me but things are going to happen regardless so best I relax and go with it!

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