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Still here

Still here, wow this pregnancy thing is full on in the blogging/tweeting/facebook era! Last time round I just ignored my phone if I didn’t feel like disclosing how tired/grumpy/fat I was feeling. Now I have a veritable gallery of options available for having a moan. Hips ache? FB status update. Belly cramping? Tweet it at my peril lest someone thinks I am going into labour. I think I am going slightly nuts. Thank god our laptop is so old it doesn’t power up without being plugged in and we don’t have wireless internet of any kind or else I would be tempted to live blog the actual event when it happens!

How am I feeling? Completely shattered but suprisingly still physically good. I have sunk into that dreamlike state where even thinking is enough to break a sweat out on my upper lip. I am starting to turn inward and reflect on all the changes and its a calm feeling of resignation.

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