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Pregnancy update – 38 weeks 4 days

I was thinking I should probably be updating daily, at least to let you all know I am still here! I don’t have much to say other than woah I am exhausted! Its definitely the pointy end of this pregnancy and I have pretty much hit the wall. My body is holding up well, aching hips and weird, floating, likely to fall apart pelvis but thats normal at this stage. The pain and discomfort in my belly is not so normal. I am stretched to capacity now and have horrible stretching pains around my blasted belly button. The baby’s movements hurt no matter how gentle and now that the head is mostly engaged (more later) every wriggle is accompanied by a corresponding twinge deep within my uterus. Last night the kicking at the top of my bump made for a very interesting feeling of unsettlement deep within my bum. Lovely, the baby moves and I need to go to the bathroom!

So, I am 38 weeks and 4 days. I had a good appointment with the Ob on Tuesday, baby is measuring spot on and a comfortable size, my blood pressure is perfect and there is no need to discuss induction right now. The baby’s head has moved down into my pelvis and is effectively engaged however second time around this doesn’t necessarily mean labour is imminent, but rather that when labour starts, my baby is in a great position for a straight forward delivery, spine curved outwards ie not against mine and head down nice and low. I haven’t experienced any real sensation of the baby dropping as such but am comfortable breathing and have a little more room around the ribcage. We have another app with the Ob the day before he goes away for a weeks holiday, the selfish man, next week Wednesday when I will be 39 weeks and 4 days. The plan at the moment is to wait until he is back from holiday on the afternoon of the 16 April when I will be 40 weeks and 4 days to discuss induction and so long as the baby remains a comfortable size ie anything under the 4.01kgs that Amy was at birth, we can wait for labour to start naturally.

I am feeling good emotionally, prepared both in the physical with my bag packed, house tidied, fridge stocked and also prepared mentally. I know I can do this thing called labour and am confident in my baby and my body doing what is right and natural at the appropriate time. I am not impatiently counting the days despite what all the dates and so on sound like in the above paragraph, but rather just focusing on enjoying this time of anticipation and suprise and trying to spend it with Amy and Ron rather than focusing on the future.

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