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If the worst things about this pregnancy have been violent morning sickness (which helped me regulate my weight gain and healthy eating) and a couple of nasty colds, then I really can’t complain, can I? Well thats until now that is. Whilst sitting on the couch watching my belly undulate from side to side this evening, freaking at the pointy thing that is CLEARLY a knee moving across the surface and the corresponding weirdness that is feeling it deep down inside whilst watching it happen – Ron pointed out a tiny little red stretch mark.

I actually started to cry a little and rushed off to the bathroom to examine it for myself, and he is right. Just in the place where that pesky knee has been pushing out for a few weeks now (as I type this I can feel it making its little revolutions across my taut skin) there is a small, red stretchmark. If you look at the photo above taken whilst Ron was stripping Amy for the bath, just on the left as you look at my freaky outty, there is a red line, you can see the beginnings of a couple more above to the left of my belly button. Those pesky red stretch marks that never fade like the silvery ones are supposed to.

I feel ridiculously emotional about this development, I managed to survive my last pregnancy without any stretchmarks, not thanks to any special effort on my behalf, rather more thanks to my genes and flexible skin. Now as I get bigger and bigger each day and this baby makes more and more physical attempts to escape through the sunroof, well I have my suspicions that my belly is not going to look anything like its former self, ever again, and it wasn’t even that special to begin with. I know its vanity and I will wear my stretchmarks like the badge of motherhood they are, and its not like I wore a bikini pre-second-pregnancy, but stretchmarks at the last hurdle, come on!

Whinge over, of course I am grateful for my healthy, easy pregnancy and now that the waiting begins in earnest, I really should concentrate on the bigger picture. I am going to become a mother to a second child, my daughter is going to become a big sister and my husband is going to be father to a new son or daughter! Bring it on!

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