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Pregnancy update – 37 weeks
37 Weeks Pregnant – FULL TERM – hah, hah, hah.

Apart from the nasty cold virus I am recovering from, I am still feeling pretty good. My body has stiffened up somewhat after a weekend spent lying around. That was the worst thing about feeling so sick, all I wanted to do was lie down and sleep but my hips ached, my ears blocked up depending on which side I lay on and the hot sweats and mouth breathing nearly did me in.

I have walked around a fair bit this week which has helped loosen my hips up again but my pelvis is aching a lot more, especially sitting upright and the most comfortable spot is definitely my exercise ball. I remember this feeling from last time around, as though something previously contained was coming unhinged in my pelvis. The baby has shifted around my belly so that its backbone is facing more prominently outwards which as I understand is a good thing because this is the way it will need to twist to get into position for labour and spine out is excellent as spine in means posterior labour which means OUCH.

On the topic of labour I am starting to feel apprehensive again about this birthing process, I think the nerves are kicking in a little more strongly because this time around I know more of what to expect in terms of pain and discomfort, especially after birthing, however because I was induced last time around I still have no idea what to expect (or hope for, fingers crossed) about going into labour naturally. I am also hesitant to play the waiting game so will probably be removing that silly ticker in the next day or two. I remember last time reaching 37 weeks at the end of May and having everyone start saying “anyday now” and the frisson of excitment those words would generate. I never imagined that a month later on my 30th birthday I would STILL BE PREGNANT and even better, I still had another week to wait before Amy would reluctantly make her appearance. I know my chances for natural labour beginning are better this time around thanks to having birthed before and I know that this baby will be born when its good and ready so in the meantime I am continuing with our day-to-day routine and won’t be counting days. At least not until my actual due date at which point I imagine I will throw a big strop and demand Ron makes this baby come out RIGHT NOW!

As far as preparations go, they are complete. I had the baby capsule fitted today (photos to follow) and I bought the baby monitor I had my eye on. I have packed my hospital bag with all the necessities, bought myself a couple of books as a treat in case either we spend a lot of time waiting for the baby to arrive, or I have an angel baby that sleeps a lot and I have time to read! All I need now are a giant bag of maxi-pads to join the breast pads and I am sorted. My next Obstetrician appointment is on Tuesday when I will be 38 weeks and 2 days and he might have a look at my cervix to see if there is anything going on. Then we wait and wait some more and do a little more waiting.

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