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Pregnancy photos – 37 weeks

I am slowly recovering from a horrible cold. Trust me, there is nothing pleasant about the common cold when you are 37 weeks pregnant. Sneezing is like playing russian roulette and coughing brings on contractions. Blowing my nose hurts me in places it shouldn’t and every time I lay down my ears blocked up and my hips locked. But enough about that, I am feeling much better and can face the thought of labour again now that I can breathe. Not that I think I am going into labour anytime soon but at least I feel I could survive it!

We took some more belly shots tonight to see the comparison between then and now. Although I am a similar size from the side view, the front facing view definitely shows the differences in my belly shape. Now its smaller, more compact, somehow more up front even though the baby has dropped a little over the last few days. I have more room to breathe and less room to pee.

Tomorrow I am finally getting a baby capsule fitted in the car. This is the Australian version of the car seat that you can take in and out of the car which clips into a base. We aren’t able to use the car seat that goes with the big pram (travel system) we used with Amy because the safety regulations are different in Australia and all car seats need to be tethered by a bolt to either the roof of the car or the floor. Once the capsule is fitted I will take some photos to illustrate this. In the meantime imagine a big blue shopping basket with a sheepskin in it. We decided to hire as the baby will only be in it for the first 6 months and they were having a March sale.

More pregnancy comparison photos tomorrow with a little more about where I am at in these late stages of pregnancy – 37 weeks and 2 days!

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