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I am a funny contradiction in terms. I am a neat freak who happens to be very messy. Make any sense? Not really. My Mum will attest to this, I love being organised and having things in their right place but will happily toss my clothes on a chair when I take them off and will then just move the growing pile from bed to chair until it reaches maximum capacity and falls onto the floor, forcing me to pick things up, fold them and put them away in their rightful place. So this weekend was very good for my soul. For the last few weeks/months I have been moving things from one place to another but using pregnancy as an excuse to fail to actually finish the task at hand. I ended up with a massive pile of clean laundry on the spare room bed and a multitude of other baby related things toppling over in piles that all needed to be sorted, folded and put away somewhere. The end result is our wardrobe neatly packed into storage boxes above which fills me with great pleasure.

In the process of clearing drawers out to make room for teeny tiny baby clothes I discovered that I have a vast collection of sunglasses, all approximately the same style and colour. What to do with them now?

This drawer used to contain loads of crap, old makeup, coins, jewelry boxes and things that didn’t belong anywhere else. Now it holds breast pads and nipple cream which makes me feel rather nervous.

This drawer was full of my old workout clothes. Considering I haven’t been to the gym in over a year and cancelled my membership months ago and haven’t been able to fit into my lycra gym kit for ages, it just didn’t make sense to waste the space. My running kit is now resting in a storage box in the top of my closet waiting for the day when I am ready to break it out again. The drawer now holds a collection of little suits sized newborn, some cot sheets, a pack of dummies and some pink wraps which I will take to the hospital along with some blue ones that are drying on the line right now. God I am so excited to find out what sex this baby is!

This drawer (underneath the baby one) used to be full of wires, leads, cables and cords along with a load of old paperwork and other miscellaneous computer related stuff. Its all sorted, recycled and appropriately boxed up in the living room leaving an EMPTY draw and the cords I use most frequently for downloading pics from my camera and charging batteries. What am I going to put in this empty draw? Maybe a load of little blue outfits or perhaps a lot of the little pink and flowery suits that I dressed Amy in those first few weeks? The waiting is killing me!

This is the living room, mid-clean. I unpacked boxes that I haven’t looked into since we moved into this house. I recycled two of those clear storage boxes worth of old papers, magazines and junk and sorted everything else into the right place. I now have one container with all the instruction manuals for everything in our home and another containing stationary and crafty stuff which will come in handy when trying to entertain Amy whilst breastfeeding her sibling.

Everything is tidied away and put in its place and I was able to sleep easy last night knowing that I have a couple of empty storage containers and baskets. I still have a couple of jobs to do, like sorting through all of Amy’s soft toys that she really doesn’t need, choosing a few for the baby and passing the rest on to a worthy recipient like the charity shop and then the house is ready for our new arrival. All this nesting wore me out and last night I slept deeply and soundly and woke this morning feeling suprisingly refreshed and unable to remember my mad pregnancy dreams.
We have another obstetrician appointment tomorrow, I will be 36 weeks and 2 days so I will take some more belly shots for comparison and have a pregnancy update later in the week.
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