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The Super Whites

I defy you to watch/listen to this without getting goosebumps ALL OVER YOUR BODY. Or maybe thats just me and my hyper-sensitive pregnancy skin! Until I moved to Australia I didn’t even know who John Farnham was, or that this was his hit. I have been feeling a little sorry for myself this weekend knowing that Coldplay have been rocking the crowds at Acer Arena. By all accounts it was a phenomenal show. However watching this clip of them singing with John at Soundrelief (for the victims of the Victorian Bushfires and the Queensland floods) at the Sydney Cricket Ground has made me feel a little more smiley. Damn you beloved pregnancy-bump-much-anticipated-loved-already-second-child for keeping me at home 36 weeks preggers instead of letting it all hang out at a Coldplay concert!

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