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Hello possum

Remember the possum problem I blogged about briefly a few weeks ago? Where we finally got around to calling Bob the Possum man to come and take care of our unwanted guests living in our roof and ended up spending a sleepless night listening to a caged animal raging in our ceiling? Hmmm. Well, he/she came back.

The thing with possums is they are a protected species here in NSW and the law says you are allowed to trap them and release them, but within 50m of where they were caught. Bob the possum man didn’t so much as release them in our garden, as much as he took them up the road to a lovely spot of bush where they were sure to find a perfect new home. Perhaps without Foxtel IQ and a warm ceiling to piss on, but surely good enough to call home. I was kind of hoping that Bob might take them to “the big possum farm in the sky” considering how much trouble the little family had caused us, but he explained very furtively that he could only take them up the road because he caught and released them during the day. If he had come round to our house to take the traps away at night he should just let them out in the garden and that if anyone came asking, to say he released them on our property.
The day after Bob caught the male possum (he caught the female one on the Tuesday night – when I stayed up for the rest of the night wondering what to do if Amy woke up to the noises in the ceiling whilst Ron slumbered peacefully in the garage room on the pull out couch!) Ron was up on the roof stopping up the hole family possum called their front door. The hole is where the original house and roof adjoins the extension which contains our living room and has a flat roof. See below photo for reference. Ron sealed up the large hole with bits of wood, nailed to the eaves and each other and stuffed the little holes with foam. The night before last I woke at 5.04am, sat bolt upright, realised with a massive cramp in my belly that I cannot in fact sit bolt upright from supine without apparently inducing labour, and listened to what sounded like the hound of the baskervilles gnawing at our roof. I woke Ron and he went outside with the torch to scare the monster away. The possum eventually went away but not before making three pretty good attempts to get back inside. I couldn’t get back to sleep and so was awake at 5.30am writing lists and generally nesting.

Last night I once again woke from a deep sleep which is a rarity around these parts let me tell you to the sounds of gnawing. Yesterday morning Ron had gone to work on the hole, replacing all the foam the possum had scratched out trying to get in, putting another piece of wood and sealing it all with wire mesh. This time it was 2.30am and the possum had three more attempts to gain access to what he clearly thought was his property! The third time he tried to get in Ron took my camera out and got a pic of the creature sitting at the hole and then heard it running off over the roof and got a pic of it escaping down our fence.

We are presuming this is one of the possums who previously took up residence in our roof, how else would it know the exact location of the front door, unless the other possums took out an ad in The Gumtree dot com letting all the possums in the area know about this great little spot with central heating and a vegetable patch.

On the one hand I am pleased that Bob the possum man was only slightly bending the rules when he took our possums away, but on the other hand its a bloody nuisance being woken up at all sorts of godforsaken hours while an angry possum tries to gain access to our roof space. If I am not waking up to pee, waking myself up turning over, or being woken by Ron’s throat whistle in my ear, the last thing I need is a stupid possum waking me up. Ron is going to reinforce his barrier with expanding foam and wire mesh this weekend but so far despite 6 seperate attempts on two different nights, our house is still safe from possums. I can’t help but hope that this guys succumbs to the same fate as this guy did back in November 2007. Look away now if you are squeamish.

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