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35.5 weeks pregnant and over it

Prepare yourselves for a pregnancy whinge fest ahead. I would strongly recommend you don’t read on it you are lacking patience or sympathy. I am completely aware that I don’t really have anything to have a proper moan about, but can’t help myself.

Things I feel incapable of doing at the moment:

  • dressing myself. I can’t see my feet and nothing fits, its getting colder and I need to wear socks which is an impossibility.
  • cleaning up after Amy. Bending over hurts and causes contractions, squatting means I can’t get up again without a hoist (or husband) and so a few times a day I find myself crawling around the kitchen on all floors, picking up cheerios and colouring-in pens.
  • sleeping. I am exhausted and all I want to do is sleep. Even when I wake up in the morning after a reasonable nights sleep I still feel fatigued, distracted, yawny. However when I lie down to go to sleep my hips ache, the baby pounds on my insides like it’s actually trying to escape and my mind races with all the things I still have to do.
  • fold laundry, put away laundry, do laundry, clean out some drawers in my bedroom dresser for baby clothes to get put away into. DRY laundry now that its raining.
  • eat, cook, clean up after eating and cooking. I am hungry all the time but not satisfied by anything I eat except peanut butter toast which I want to eat all the time. No matter how little I eat the kitchen is always full of stuff that needs to be washed up, put away, tidied.
  • snap out of my mood, I am irritable, lacking patience and grumpy. I need to have a long, moderately hot bath with a good book and an early night and wake up in a good mood.

Wish me luck. 35 1/2 weeks pregnant. Due date is one calender month away. *panic*

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