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We had a lovely weekend, Amy stayed with Grandma and Grandad on Friday night and Ron went to watch the Waratahs with a few mates so I was home alone which was a nice break from routine. I picked Ron and a friend up from the station quite late and fell into bed exhausted. When I woke up on Saturday morning I heaved myself over and looked at the clock – 10:03am!! I would never have believed I could sleep that late whilst heavily and uncomfortably pregnant!

On Sunday we decided to go to a nearby park for a play before getting some lunch at the local shops. It was hot and sunny but I was determined to take some photos of Amy to update my portfolio of portraits. I used my zoom lens to try and sneak up on her whilst she played with Ron but its hard to get good eye contact and focus when she is running around playing. I got a couple of nice pics but nothing fantastic.

She is still very hard to photograph, hamming it up for the camera if she sees me looking her way, but otherwise very serious in her playing which makes for some somber looking portraits. Candid shots of her coming down the slide or swinging are even harder with my zoom as the focus is very soft and nothing like my beloved 17-85mm which just takes great photos.

I did get some lovely portraits of Amy and Ron which is good as we don’t have many photos of us with her that are framable, or at least not to my high standards! Ron then took the camera and took some photos of Amy and I and I will be posting these in another post, asking for a little photographic advice if you like.

She definitely has her father’s eyes and eyelashes but she is looking more and more like me which makes me feel happy.

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