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Pregnancy flashback
A little pregnancy flashback to when I was 33 weeks pregnant with Amy, still working in the Finance industry and living in London.

Thursday 4th May 2006- 33 weeks and 2 days pregnant with Amy
I didn’t want to get up this morning at all even though the weather forecast was for temperatures to hit 26 degrees in London I just wanted to roll over and go back to sleep! This was made even harder when I came back into the bedroom to get dressed and Ron peeled back the covers and invited me back into bed for a cuddle! Its so hard to leave our lovely bed and a warm cuddle! I dressed in my white cotton top and beige woollies tracksuit pants and left my jersey out of my bag on my way down to work. Outside its another lovely day, watery blue skies, slightly hazy with the sun burning through already. The tube was quite warm already even on the first proper Spring day this year, I am not looking forward to the next few weeks!

Work was fine, I got on with lots of my own stuff again and then the girls on the inventory management team invited me to lunch at Giraffe with them because they had half price burger vouchers. We walked out at about 12 and it was just packed outside with people in sunglasses and t-shirts enjoying the sunshine. We had a lovely lunch, I had a Mexican chicken burger which was delicious. Talk did turn to pregnancy and even to work and how its been for me, I found myself admitting that I had been unhappy with the way a lot of things had been handled which I did kind of regret talking about as I just want to keep a low profile until my time here is done! But the girls were also asking when I was going to have leaving drinks, or a lunch so as soon as my leaving date is confirmed I can think about arranging something. Maybe lunch at Giraffe and a quick drink at Jamie’s after work.

Ron was working from home today and playing golf with Will in the late afternoon. On the way to work his laptop fell off his bike and got run over by a truck which scuppered his work plans somewhat. When he called me to tell me what had happened, I lost it completely and couldn’t stop laughing. I was laughing so much that tears were streaming down my face and people thought I was actually crying. I don’t know what came over me but I just found the whole scenario hilarious! Ron thought I was quite mad!

On my way home I decided to stop in at the nail bar and see if I could get a pedicure (I had preprepared by bringing my flip flops with me just in case!) Luckily they could fit me in so I sat on the vibrating throne with my sweaty swollen feet in a warm bubble bath with jets and relaxed! What a civilised way to treat oneself, they gave me the full works and I chose a bright red polish to make me feel sexy! Whilst I was being looked after, Sarah Beany off Channel 4’s show “Property Ladder” came in to get her nails done and I surrepticiously enjoyed watching her and listening in to her conversation that she held the whole time with a friend on her mobile. At one stage she was talking about a property website that had asked her to endorse them and when she had mailed them saying “this website is useful, if you have checked every other property website in the world!” and they had selectively used the part about the website being useful!

I walked home slowly admiring my new nails and took some photos to send to Mum to show her. I had a lovely quiet evening, made toasted tuna snackwiches for dinner and was in bed by 9 watching House. Ron got home soon after, he and Will had both had a terrible game of golf but had still enjoyed being out on such a lovely afternoon.

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