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Pregnancy update – 33 weeks with photos

We had another short but sweet visit with our Obstetrician this morning. I have gained just under 2kgs in three weeks which brings my total weight gain to 5kgs since finding out I was pregnant. Its funny watching my weight so carefully this time around when last time I didn’t step on a scale in front of a midwife the whole way through. I sit on the fence when it comes to pregnancy weight gain and the pro’s and con’s of measuring it so carefully. I believe that my level of care in the public health system in the United Kingdom was slightly haphazard in that my Mum had big babies, I gained a lot of weight and consistently measured ahead of my dates, I was never tested for gestational diabetes and I went two weeks overdue and delivered a 4kg baby. Looking back at that pregnancy and comparing my state of mind to this pregnancy I do believe a sensible look at my weight gain would have helped me in the same way that this pregnancy I have been overly concerned about weight gain and as a result I have made better food choices, taken a personal decision to exercise actively during the pregnancy. I firmly believe that as a result I feel physically stronger this time around and have suffered from none of the painful side effects of rapid weight gain like sore knees, aching hips and plain old discomfort from lugging around nearly 25kgs of extra weight!

So it makes for a very interesting photo, my comparison picture from 33 weeks pregnant with Amy to 33 weeks pregnant with the-small-creature-that-pokes-my-insides-with-its-feet-and-tries-to-escape-through-my-belly-button-with-its-elbows. I think I look smaller in the actual belly this time around and overall weight wise I don’t look much bigger or smaller in either photo. I think I was carrying about 10kgs more in weight in the first photo but its not easy to do a direct comparison, I was fitter and lighter when I started my pregnancy with Amy so although I haven’t gained weight this time round, I started out heavier and less fit. The most important thing for me is that physically I feel mostly great at the moment. I don’t have a sore back or knees and my hips only ache when I sit on a hard surface for a long time or have a really restless night. I am proud of myself for taking care of not only my unborn baby but also myself during my pregnancy and for making the right choices when it comes to nutrition. I know that this will make my delivery and recovery easier on myself but most importantly I have given my baby the best chance at health whilst in utero.

This photo shows the difference in my belly from one pregnancy to the next. The photos are not a direct comparison, in the one on the left I am nearly 37 weeks pregnant, the one on the right I am 33 weeks pregnant. I will have to do a direct comparison in a few weeks time and see what changes! The biggest difference for me is that this time around my belly is hard, taut and very much upfront and uphigh. Its easier to see this in the colour comparisons above but the other really noticable thing is the difference in my belly button! Last pregnancy it never popped but rather just got flatter and flatter until it sort of disappeared! This time around my belly button popped out in a really obvious way about 2 weeks ago at 30 weeks. Its the strangest feeling to have this little sensitive piece of skin that has never been outside of my body, all of a sudden brushing up against my clothes. I don’t really want to think about what this means for after my pregnancy, I know my body will never be the same again but like last time around I think its warranted change because I will end up with two special children as a result.
In other pregnancy news my uterus is measuring around two weeks ahead which doesn’t worry the Ob and we had another quick scan this morning to check the size of the baby. The Dr reckons our baby is weighing in at approximately 2.6kgs and head and legs are measuring right on my dates, however, the tummy is slightly bigger. So basically its just like me then? Otherwise I am feeling good, alternating nights of good sleep with nights of terrible restless disturbance when I lie awake feeling this person inside me wriggle and roll and wonder what life is going to be like when he/she is on the outside. My feelings towards this unborn baby are different to my feelings towards Amy when she was inutero. Back then becoming a mother was an abstract concept and when I tried to think about my unborn child I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to hold them in my arms, I couldn’t anticipate the wealth of emotion that I would deliver along with that slippery little body. I could never really understand how life could go from being so simple, to being such a complex set of bargains and decisions and choices and I couldn’t begin to imagine what it would be like to watch this little person grow and develop and become Amy.
Now when I lie awake in the middle of the night with a hand on my belly button, gently stroking the little elbow back into a more comfortable position, the thoughts that go through my mind are real and formed. I wonder about this baby’s personality and traits, I think about the tiny eyelashes and swollen face that I will greet and the massive, overwhelming rush of life and love and emotion that will swell in me as I anticipate a whole lifetime ahead of handholding and cuddles and declarations of love. I feel my heart beat faster with excitement and joy and its no wonder I can’t go back to sleep when I am awake and looking down a long pathtime of parenting ahead of me.
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