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Goodbye possums

Right, what was I talking about? Hmmm. I can’t remember. That is the story of my day-to-day existence right now. I cannot maintain a stream of thought or a conversation. Midway through saying something my mind will short out and I will just stand there and stare at the person I was talking to, hoping they will prompt me or just pretend this isn’t happening. I am sure its pregnancy related, isn’t everything right now, but it probably has more to do with the fact that I am entirely sleep deprived.

I have however found the solution to the horrible late pregnancy/third trimester sleep deprivation thing. Suddenly decide that the possums living in the roof have to be evacuated NOW, get Bob the possum man round to set two traps in the ceiling on a Tuesday afternoon. Stay up late on Tuesday night watching bad tv and moaning about needing to wee a lot. Fall asleep and sleep soundly until BANG CRASH we are woken at 2.30am by what is clearly a very angry and very trapped possum.

Lie in bed with my husband in fits of giggles while we confirm that NO we didn’t really think this possum catching thing through and then pray that Amy doesn’t wake up as I really don’t know how we would explain that infernal racket in the roof without scarring her for life. Ron ended up making up the sleeper couch in the garage room and sleeping there. I tossed and turned and didn’t sleep much worrying about whether Amy would wake up and how would she sleep on the sleeper couch with Ron. In the end she didn’t wake up but I didn’t get much sleep at all and by lunchtime on Wednesday I was barely functioning. The miracle was that after nearly no sleep on Wednesday night, on Thursday night I slept better than I have in weeks. So my tip for curing third tri insomnia, stay awake all of one night, sleep the next.

The good news is that we think we are now possum free after Bob caught another one on Friday night. This time we were better prepared, Ron was out for the evening and Amy was staying over at Grandma’s. Another possum observation, the male possums are quieter when caged than the females. I look forward to many nights of undisturbed sleep now that we don’t have marsupials sharing our ceiling space. Oh wait, I am about to have a baby, scrap those nights of undisturbed sleep. Bugger.
Yesterday we went round to friends to celebrate their daughter’s third birthday, Amy was the only other child there and I found myself having to talk to a lot of grown-ups who either have grown-up children themselves, or no children at all and what with my pregnancy related lobotomy and my week of exhaustion. Well I don’t really want to know what they thought of me to be honest. It was hard enough summoning the energy to decide what flavour cool drink I wanted let alone involve myself in a conversation with some very intelligent, well travelled adults about the immigration problem or what I think of the Economic Stimulus package.
Right now Ron has taken Amy off to do some errands and I am going to waddle around the house picking up various things and depositing them somewhere else and then flop on the couch and declare myself exhausted. And about that pregnancy post, its coming I promise, but then so is the baby in less than 50 days. OMG!
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