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Is the world trying to tell me something?

I sat down at my computer for my regular breakfast fix in Google Reader and as I was sipping my coffee and eating my peanut butter toast I realised everyone was blogging about the same or similar things.

Over at Kicky Boots one of my favourite bloggers, Amanda is admitting the irony of thinking “how hard can it be?” Life with two children is proving to be a lot harder than she imagined and this is worryingly a lot like how I have been feeling. I mean so many people have done it, it can’t be that difficult can it? To quote Amanda “Pride goeth before a fall.”

Ali at Callapippertree is admitting defeat, she says she has “no more Mummy in me”. This scares me as Ali is someone I definitely file in the category ‘supermum’, anyone with four children has to be pretty super in my book!

And then Veronica over at Sleepless Nights has reminded me that just because I breastfed a baby before doesn’t mean its going to be as easy this time. And just because I had a baby who slept well before, doesn’t mean I am going to get one that sleeps well this time. And that makes me feel very nervous.

So, a timely reminder to make sure I shake off all my preconceived notions of motherhood and lessons learned last time around. Of course experience will help in that at least this time round when I bring a baby home from hospital I will be less concerned about whether I can actually keep it alive and more focused on those other bits of advice that people gave me, like ASK FOR HELP, SLEEP WHEN YOU CAN, GET SOMEONE TO DO YOUR GROCERY SHOP!

I confess, the closer we get the more nervous I feel. Thankfully the squirming babe in my belly seems to ground me and remind me that no matter how scary and nervewracking it is going to be to bring home a second baby, ultimately I mustn’t forget that exciting fact: we get to bring home a second baby smelling of baked goods, small and perfectly formed.

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