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Thanks for all your comments and support! Again, the internets come through for me in my time of need! The good news is that today has been a whole lot better! I decided to get up and walk this morning even though it was drizzling and ended up having a great walk, its so much easier in the cooler weather. Then Amy and I dropped in on a friend’s playgroup in an attempt to kill some time this morning and we had a brilliant morning. Amy loved the dancing and singing and really enjoyed herself. We had a simple lunch and discussed the rules for naptime. She said “I promise Mummy I will close my eyes and not wake you” and so we read one story and sure enough she grabbed her muslin cloths and closed her eyes and although she had a little cry when I left the room, within minutes she was chatting to herself and less than 5 minutes later she was asleep. I didn’t nap as I was too busy high-5ing myself and jumping round the living room and she only slept for an hour but it was long enough for me to have a break. After her nap we made banana muffins and then Amy watched playschool and we picked Ron up from work. We made homemade pizza for supper and then Ron and Amy drew and did stickers for half an hour before a successful bath and then a mini-meltdown before bed. I managed to calm her down so we could get her dressed and then I read Poohsticks before giving her a kiss and leaving her with Ron for one last story.

Its half an hour later and she hasn’t made a sound. Ron left her with one book in bed which I think is better, we have been giving in and letting her have a pile but then she will stay up and read for ages, this way she should fall asleep because she is tired rather than bored.

In poo news she finally went today but it was traumatic for both of us. She did it in her nappy but needed lots of love and encouragement. I am not quite sure how to handle this situation so will be researching and chatting to lots of mums, anyone with any suggestions, please let me know. In the meantime I will be introducing a little watered down prune juice daily just to encourage regularity without upsetting her system. This is more of a mental/emotional problem than a physical one but I don’t want the issues to get confused.

And now I am getting into bed for an early night, feeling very different to how I was last night!

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