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Sleep, dummys and poo

So it looks like I did speak too soon. Friday and Saturday nights must have been a coincidence and Sunday night was pure fluke (falling asleep mid story.) Monday night she screamed herself hoarse for 2 hours until eventually I sat with her until she fell asleep and tonight its been just over 2 hours and I just snuck out of her room again. Its made a hundred times worse because Ron has been out both last night and tonight and she didn’t nap yesterday or today. Combine all this with the fact that she is on a poo strike – 5 days last week without a poo and 4 days now and she is complaining her bum hurts and she is scared of her poo and is absolutely refusing anything to do with pottys or toilets and I just feel like a total FAIL at parenting.

Wah, poor me. I am tired, overwhelmed, aching and grumpy. I just need a good nights sleep but the reality that I am not going to get one for at least the next year is starting to make me feel panicky and unhappy. Even the cool change isn’t helping, last night I was still too hot and my tossing and turning meant Ron couldn’t sleep which is a first. I haven’t had an afternoon sleep in over a week and with only a few hours of broken sleep at night my nerves are worn thin. The same old stressful screaming and nap refusal and general toddlerness of my days is getting to me. I just needed a whinge. Am off to bed now. Goodnight.

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