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Sleep, dummys and poo

So it looks like I did speak too soon. Friday and Saturday nights must have been a coincidence and Sunday night was pure fluke (falling asleep mid story.) Monday night she screamed herself hoarse for 2 hours until eventually I sat with her until she fell asleep and tonight its been just over 2 hours and I just snuck out of her room again. Its made a hundred times worse because Ron has been out both last night and tonight and she didn’t nap yesterday or today. Combine all this with the fact that she is on a poo strike – 5 days last week without a poo and 4 days now and she is complaining her bum hurts and she is scared of her poo and is absolutely refusing anything to do with pottys or toilets and I just feel like a total FAIL at parenting.

Wah, poor me. I am tired, overwhelmed, aching and grumpy. I just need a good nights sleep but the reality that I am not going to get one for at least the next year is starting to make me feel panicky and unhappy. Even the cool change isn’t helping, last night I was still too hot and my tossing and turning meant Ron couldn’t sleep which is a first. I haven’t had an afternoon sleep in over a week and with only a few hours of broken sleep at night my nerves are worn thin. The same old stressful screaming and nap refusal and general toddlerness of my days is getting to me. I just needed a whinge. Am off to bed now. Goodnight.

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5 Responses to Sleep, dummys and poo

  1. The Jackson Files says:

    Oh NO! God, parenting is HARD isn’t it? If it’s any consolation, I am going through a really bad patch with Jackson. He has regressed with his potty training BUT will not wear a nappy (he even takes it off in the night, so now I TAPE him into it!), he won’t sleep so is always exhausted and unreasonable, he won’t eat – only wants to drink milk which only makes the pant wetting worse. Bah, it makes me quite tearful thinking about it and I’m not even pregnant. Good luck to you, I expect it will get better soon. xoxox

  2. Ali says:

    Oh poor you. We were having sleep issues with our third when I was last heavily pregnant so I can relate. Poo issues are horrible too. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  3. Nicol says:

    I’m sorry! Hopefully everyone will be sleeping well soon!

    We are having problems on the potty front as well. Good Luck!

  4. Lucy says:

    hi honey, Claire recently had the exact same problem with Gracie, it might be worth mailing her for some advice? they did really well in handling it and I think things are going just fine in that department for them now so she might be able to offer you some support? hope you are okay xxx

  5. Thrifted Treasure says:

    These things always seem like absolute hell while they are going on and suddenly the phase has passed and all goes back to normal. With 3 kids, the eldest being under 4 we have had plenty of different reasons for sleep deprivation at different times that may feel endless and hellish while they are happening but after they have passed we always realise that these things usually only last a few days. Hope things get better quickly for you.

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